Voice messaging reimagined.

At boomering we're building a better future for communication that's easy, secure, and fun!

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Boomering's homepage.  A beautifully designed experience with large touchpoint.
Boomering's homescreen depicting a grandmother in one of the images.

Messaging Made Easy.

Designed for simplicity, accessibility and usability, boomering’s photo grid layout makes it easy to recognize your friends and family and start communicating with only the tap of a button.

Always Secure.

Your privacy matters. With our voice encryption software, your messages are always secure. Your voice, your control.

Boomering is incredibly secure.  Your chat history is safe with boomering.
An image of boomering's send message screen.  It displays a full screen image so you know who you are sending a message to.

Did we mention - Fun?!

Hear your loved one's voices. With voice messaging nuance isn't lost. Emotions, tone, & humor are all better with voice. You can also attach photos that you can voice over.